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"Welcome to ELSD Online Resources Centre, the KSU Preparatory Year Deanship (PYD), English Language Skills Department's online resource. The ELSD Online is specifically designed to provide support to the teaching and learning of English language at the PYD/ELSD, and to support the learning of Saudi students within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general."

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Student Section

"Here you can find information and tutorials on LMS training and the Oxfordlearn website, including downloadable content for your students. "


Find out about the latest advancements in education technology, we have a variety of posts on the latest software and teaching practices to enhance your teaching.

Supplemental Material

You can access shared supplementary material bank here. There are a variety of lessons and teaching materials that you can use in your class.

Classroom Videos

Watch classroom videos recorded right here in the ELSD. We have a range of videos covering grammar, listening, speaking and writing.

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